Seven Major Problems


Seven Major Problems


Pollution of water quality

  • Farms and other agricultural land management can create diffuse pollution, as diffuse water pollution is a pollution that comes from many sources. These sources may be small but collectively can make a big impact.
  • Diffuse pollution can affect water-bodies such as rivers, streams, lakes and some bathing waters. It can cause viruses for humans who drink water from any of these areas.
  • The main elements of agricultural pollution are Phosphates, Nitrates, Pesticides, Sediment, Faecal Bacteria which bring down the quality of the water that we use to drink, swim and catch fish in.
  • Farming is not the only cause of these problems but it does provide something like 50-60% of Nitrates, 20-30% of Phosphorus and 75% of the sediment getting into our water sources.

Plastic Packaging Cannot Decay

  • The biggest problem with plastic packaging is that it doesn’t easily break down in the environment, the time varies for it to take for the decay process, it can range from 20 to 1000 years.
  • Plastic packaging threatens not only the natural environment but also the urban environment, this can be ruined slowly within a couple of years.
  • While plastic packaging may not be the most high tech application of plastics technology it is one of the most widespread.
  • Recycling plastic packaging and shopping bags, is one of the most obvious of all actions to save many animals and trees in the environment in the world. Saving the rainforests and cutting down on pollution by recycling and reduce the impact to all concerned.

Disposable Chopsticks Destroy Forest

  • About 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are produced each year in China, Korea and Japan, which destroys 100 football fields of forestland each day.
  • Disposable chopsticks are not made from scrap wood, they are made from very clear straight-grained wood, the disposable chopsticks are in very high demand.
  • In these countries people are being told to stop using so many chopsticks due to the lack of the world’s forests. They should use knives and forks instead of chopsticks to save the world’s forests.

High Temperature Plastic Carcinogenic

  • Chemicals in plastics can cause breast cancer, any type of cancer and can even cause death.
  • Plastic is everywhere, it used in consumer products and packaging of all kinds.
  • Three plastics have been shown to have lethal toxic chemicals when heated, the plastic melts when put under heat pressure, it’s called Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates, Vinyl Chloride, Dioxin and Styrene.
  • That’s very dangerous to use toxic plastics; the safest way is stop using these & cut them down, find an alternative, more research needs to be done in this area.

Pose A Threat To Animal Survival

  • Pollution poses a threat to animals in many forms
  • Plastic six-pack rings can become entangled around the necks of animals, which can cause injury or death.
  • Plastic grocery bags and wraps can be lethal to wild animals they think that it is food, which it is not and can cause asphyxiation.
  • Industrial pollution like heavy metals, PCBs and other pollutants, which can take a heavy toll on animals can be very damaging to the environment, and destroys habitat.

Take up a lot of land to bury

  • The landfill trash stays around for a very long time, landfill is designed to bury trash not break it down as it is airtight. Oxygen and moisture does not break it down easily, it ends up being on top of the soil for a long time rather than go down under the soil which then breaks down the food waste.
  • The recycling efforts can’t come fast enough, if you put plastic packaging onto the soil it will not break down into the soil, it will not go away because it will not rot and it will stay there for a very long time.
  • It does affect the environment, humans and animals of the toxic gas coming from the landfill, this is a major problem.

Affect the Agricultural Development

  • When there is packaging landfill in the land It can pollute the land, this in turn affects the crop growth and agricultural development. It ruins the businesses of the farmers that deliver to the supermarkets, for example the vegetable’s can become polluted, it could affect humans and cause them illness and even death.
  • If it keeps going on the way it is the affect on the world will be claustrophobic affecting the food businesses across the world. If we recycle from landfill then it will affect everyone, it is very dangerous to carry on like this.


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