Meeting with Group: Discussing on Research Poster in Progress

** Our Meeting and Working Together Time **
– Munah said, Have you both started to  design the poster?
– Justin and rock said, We haven’t started, trust us that we will definitely will finish today.
– Munah said, No problem, we can do it!!
– Justin and rock said, we are making it digitally  and then on  paper afterwards.
– Carina said, it’s just a camera, we are going to use it to take pics while we are working for our blog.
– Munah said, Let’s start NOW!
– Justin said, what kind of square do you want..?
– Munah said, anything as long as it looks strong on the research poster!
– Justin said, if we use this square  for the whole poster, we need to delete the line so we can add information to it.
– Justin asked, What is the shape that you like? For the poster.
– Justin asked again, do you want a cup box or take away bag?
– Justin said, I showed you a circle last time.
– Justin said, We will make the model first to test.
– Munah said to two other girls, Let’s get working on the information we need to put in the poster.
Things to include
  • We can add weekend problems
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Environmentally aware of your surroundings
  • Marketing
  • Impact
– For every point should have an image/picture to show or icon design to help people understand when they look at the research poster.

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