– We trying to finish our poster off in this morning for booking a print.

– Do references and correct poster for spellings & designs.

– Need to book a place for the poster to be printed before next week for presentation.

– Once it’s done so we can practising how to present while using finished research poster.

– Perhaps poster look better in A0 Size instead of A1/A2/A3.

– References in word document, change to APA format which is the referencing system at university.

– Put all our references in one place then everything in there then put main references on the poster then put a link on poster where people can see the full list of references.

– Do PDF, no one can change this and everyone can open this and see reference check with Rowan what is correct perhaps 6 main references on poster.

– Methodology – Research methods you would use when doing your research into food packaging waste and put these in a box on your poster.

– Finally we completed our final research poster so we booked it to print off to be pick up on next Tuesday!

– Well done to everyone!

– So we can putting words for practising how to present on tuesday at 1:30pm till 6pm in Creative Art Building instead of monday because we have plan on this monday.

– Now time to rest for weekend before crack on with presentation practise and going to sort our work out by putting into blog.


Meeting with Group: Change of Plan to REDESIGN



– We think colour needs to be changed on our poster and we wants to link colour, waste etc because our primary poster is too technical at the moment.

– Our poster needs strong images like icons which tell people to don’t waste packaging.

– Information is good but needs good impact.

– 50 words in each, section like bullet points.

– Could do an icon of waste, could stick icon on so it can be removed??

– Memunah said we should to work on each area as a group, always start with visual like initials first so we will need evidence for visuals so we can show how we began and how we developed it.

– Rock is good at drawing by hand.

– Could tell the story of waste, using icons too or could use 3D if possible.

– Need to finish it in a week, preferably.

– Ask Rowan what she will think about our primary poster.

– Need to use our skills to make it better and simpler by my guide.



– Rowan doesn’t know what the circle says.

– She can’t see the topic – what is the problem? For example.

– Identify the problem with fast food packaging.

– No headings help the viewer to understand.

– Rowan likes the colours and the circles.

– Are you solving the problem or just stating it?

– Take things from our poster at the moment and include them in our new poster.

– How are cogs related to fast food?

– Research Methods you would use – Where are these? Theory – not practical.

– Say why you’d use certain research methods?

– Check spellings

– Link poster more to packaging

– Do a map through the poster telling our story.



– I did plans over lunchtime, everyone can have a look and decide which we like best.

– Envelope Idea, Everyone like it.

– Everyone have a go at designing icons then we will choose which is the best (as a group).

– Best to use 3/4 colours.

– Rowan was talking about making points, use our 6 bullet points on original poster?

– Can use hand drawings and make it more perfect on computer e.g. Adobe Illustrator, we use computer and use graphic design style.

– Rowan to check what is written under marketing next week please.

– Also to check the other titles which need to relate to packaged food.

– Problem may be how it affect people/environment e.g. students affect environment by throwing away rubbish onto the ground.

– Cause vermin like rats/mouses disease – health issues.

– Need an order for our points so it is a story.

– Our target audience is students.

– Research Methods – questionnaire, targeted at universities, colleges and schools.

– Don’t put more information on poster – it will be behind the icon in bullet points (maybe?)

– We will be explaining in our presentation

– Each person draw poster by hand tonight then bring it for tomorrow or friday or even saturday! (We decided it’s saturday).

– If we have time perhaps do digital if we prefer.

– Munah said hand drawing is the best to start with rough designs then we will choose which is the best to do digital!

– We will decide which is best to put in the poster, how will it look, layout and colours etc.

Double Check on Primary Research Poster before Final Progress



We sat  in the master room and Rock showed us the primary poster that he and Justin had been designing over the weekend. All of us suddenly felt negative about this primary poster because we knew it was not strong enough and it looked too technical. It seriously didn’t look professional or wow us enough, however we could see how we could make it much better and more exciting etc. After this, we decided to change idea

all of us thought that it looked alright but we needed honest feedback from Rowan. It’s one of most difficult responses we made to our gourp, we decided to redesign our poster.

we decided to rest for two days (Monday and Tuesday) and then on Wednesday we will have serious discussion together because we can’t do it while Justin is not here (he’s away at the moment).

We will sort it out asap on this Wednesday by having a discussion together and following feedback from Rowan we will go ahead to get our final poster done – we can do it.

we are pretty sure that our group will learn so much after having a lecture from Brent on this Wednesday because he knows very well about creating ANY poster!

Meeting with Group: Discussing on Research Poster in Progress

** Our Meeting and Working Together Time **
– Munah said, Have you both started to  design the poster?
– Justin and rock said, We haven’t started, trust us that we will definitely will finish today.
– Munah said, No problem, we can do it!!
– Justin and rock said, we are making it digitally  and then on  paper afterwards.
– Carina said, it’s just a camera, we are going to use it to take pics while we are working for our blog.
– Munah said, Let’s start NOW!
– Justin said, what kind of square do you want..?
– Munah said, anything as long as it looks strong on the research poster!
– Justin said, if we use this square  for the whole poster, we need to delete the line so we can add information to it.
– Justin asked, What is the shape that you like? For the poster.
– Justin asked again, do you want a cup box or take away bag?
– Justin said, I showed you a circle last time.
– Justin said, We will make the model first to test.
– Munah said to two other girls, Let’s get working on the information we need to put in the poster.
Things to include
  • We can add weekend problems
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Environmentally aware of your surroundings
  • Marketing
  • Impact
– For every point should have an image/picture to show or icon design to help people understand when they look at the research poster.

Group Meeting – Discussing about Research Poster Preparation

** All people had good weekend! **
>> Group Conversation <<
– Colour for the posters.
– Decide which we think is the best.
– Munah like the black, white & light blue combination but it depends on what people want and will agree to  whichever colour that is.
– It depends on what we make before we decide on the colours.
– Justin likes the first one (combination).
– We can choose the design first.
– Justin and Rock had a meeting and looked at the designs and colours, they think the posters should be more interesting.
– Justin and Rock have chosen a colourful design rather than dull design.
– The poster can look like water on the sides (of the poster).
– Justin and Rock chose it because it is colourful.
– Justin Rock think I got an “A” in my last module because my design was colourful not dull.
– They think the design should carry a lot of information.
-Munah said Do you remember the picture on facebook?
– We can use a 3D poster
– We will develop a hand  paper copy and then cut it out and stick on the original poster.
– That’s an example, you can make it in different ways.
– Memunah said she agreed what did Justin and Rock said and we can go ahead to do it.
– Justin doesn’t know how it look like so we’ll wait and see what will it looks like once the research poster is ready.
– If we have time, we can try different ways.
– Justin & Rock said they will make and finish the research poster today.
– Munah said Is it possible to finish it in a week?
– Then we have to work together over a full day or two full days during which we will get the research poster done.
– We can’t get together all the time due to lecture, tutorial and other committments.
– Munah said I can arrange a full day whereas some others can pop in at different times – I doesn’t mind at all.
– Justin & Rock can do the layout.
– We will make the design as well.
– Memunah suggests that she and girls (Sandra and Carina) will organise all the information for the poster like presentation and information to add on the poster.
– Memunah warned that we are not allowed to copy and paste from the internet without reference because we will lose marks without without this.
– Justin & Rock will be free after Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to complete the research poster for a primary check.
– We will be meeting on Thursday at 3:30pm to start working.
– We can do it in same room dependent on lectures/sessions tutors set in this room.
– We can meet in the art cafe  first before looking for a room.
– Munah said I got bit confused about 3D Poster, I asked “What do you mean about 3D Paper?”.
– Justin & Rock doing for example –> Sticky paper, the print it again then stick on the paper again to make the 3D effect!
– Munah said Finally I get it now.
– The topic is fast food.
– The design is just an example to show.
– The final will be something completely different, it is just an idea.
– The girls (Munah,Carina and Sandra) agree with the ideas.
– No it’s not that style (about the poster).
– That’s right but we will use a simple one.
– Can you upload that into your blog?
– It communicates.
– If Justin & Rock have time, they will start before 3:30pm on Thursday.
– One more question – Who is going to put the information on the poster?
– The three girls’ job is to put the information on the poster.
–  Munah said I can make sure these words are proper English.
– We can’t add too many words.
– Simple words like bullet points.
– There are 6 parts, Rock has two parts.
– Before Thursday, they will put their reference on the blog.
– Copyright is very important.
– How are you going to present it?
– You mean the original and the powerpoint?
– Rock thinks I can do the powerpoint.
– Munah said I can ask Rowan about this when we see her.
– What if we make a big one which does not require powerpoint?
– It has to be photographed so we need to book the studio to do it professionally.
– The girls can take it to the photography studio to do it.
– The boys will give the list, then the girls will sit down and discuss and put  down ideas.
– The boys will start before 3:30pm and when we meet so we will continue doing what we need to do (discuss about the information to be put on the research poster).
– Can we work tomorrow afternoon instead?
– One of the girls will have a class and other one will go to register with the police in Leeds because they are international students from China.
– Let’s discuss what to put on the blogs. We have to continue updating our blogs.
– We almost understand about everything.
– We should scan in the work and add it into the blog.
– Yes it’s a good idea to make a video when we will be making the poster on thursday.
– The boys should start filming when they start working on thursday.
– it should be fast motion.
– Rock has an idea of taking the photos of the group now.
– All of us should have a paper with ideas like anything you want to say e.g. I love my group etc.

– On thursday or whenever our meeting is next, we can bring cakes!!

Group Meeting – Working Together for Mapping!



– So yes we almost forgot about mapping before we started talking about the poster!
– We agreed that we have to start with major title each and make a list of the other  major titles as well.
– Its was easy and  when we completed the  list we then started with brainstorming together to see how  it was going.
– We did it!

Meeting of Group “What are Wicked Problem?”


Meeting with My Group – 1:30pm till 3:30pm


– Cosmetic Packaging (some isn’t good).

– What is the market?

– Design (if corner is difficult).

– Some waste resources.

– Need to improve the design.

– Could change the shape.

– Redesign logo.

– Material is important.

– Milk bottle (make of paper, can recycle this).

– Cloth can be used outside also recyclable.

– Perhaps make audience students.

– People often just discard packaging in any place (it impacts environment).

– Perhaps just think about one product, and redesign it e.g. change material, logo, target audience, and make it more comfortable for the people.

– We will do research first. FOR EXAMPLE, if doing milk package so research materials which can be used.

– Need to think commercially if doing a product.

– Simple design for research poster (use icons, telling a story about the process).

– Could use London subway map, every point can make picture about research.

– Could use Beijing tube as new to English people.

– Arrange to meet again. TUESDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2013 at 2:15pm in Creative Art Building (same room and same table)

– we don’t want much text cos it will cause research poster look boring.

– Perhaps London & Beijing tube maps are too large but can be use that style in a smaller way to allow information to fill in.

– Our research poster example (Everyone liked this and it showed technical side).

RECYCLE –> What is it? Make a picture/icon! We make a story for Research Poster.

– Need to be more academic (got to be master level)

– We all are graphic design students so I need to create and draw from scratch to become digital then print for final product (Research Poster)

– Need a base to start from doing research first and see what will happen after this.

– Could use Adobe illustrator.

– Can create a layout together as a group.

– Can put illustrator and photoshop in InDesign.

– We all have software strengths

  • Me – Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator
  • Justin – Adobe Photoshop and illustrator
  • Sandra – Adobe Photoshop
  • Canda – Adobe Photoshop

– Others have researched 4 products – Cartons (everyone), Cosmetics (women), Red Wine (adults) and Foods (everyone).

– Could research foods (Agreed as group).

– Fast foods –> Takeaway foods –> Packaging.

– Save everything for my journal blog and our group blog.

– Can start a group blog (Each of you add your progress work to group blog).




  • Foods waste (different 6 countries) – ROCK & MUNAH (Three different countries for ROCK and other three different countries for MUNAH)
  • Recycling (Laws in different countries – Singapore, good to look at) – ROCK
  • Materials – (Research recyclable materials) – CARINA
  • Packaging #1 (Font, Pollution, Environment,) – JUSTIN
  • Packaging #2 (Colour, Packaging Visual) – MUNAH
  • What is fast foods (what does it mean, sale and consumption) – SANDRA

WordPress can click, edit, can add image and words an same page at bottom you write your name or use tag/categories as your name so everyone will know its your work.