Group Meeting – Discussing about Research Poster Preparation

** All people had good weekend! **
>> Group Conversation <<
– Colour for the posters.
– Decide which we think is the best.
– Munah like the black, white & light blue combination but it depends on what people want and will agree to  whichever colour that is.
– It depends on what we make before we decide on the colours.
– Justin likes the first one (combination).
– We can choose the design first.
– Justin and Rock had a meeting and looked at the designs and colours, they think the posters should be more interesting.
– Justin and Rock have chosen a colourful design rather than dull design.
– The poster can look like water on the sides (of the poster).
– Justin and Rock chose it because it is colourful.
– Justin Rock think I got an “A” in my last module because my design was colourful not dull.
– They think the design should carry a lot of information.
-Munah said Do you remember the picture on facebook?
– We can use a 3D poster
– We will develop a hand  paper copy and then cut it out and stick on the original poster.
– That’s an example, you can make it in different ways.
– Memunah said she agreed what did Justin and Rock said and we can go ahead to do it.
– Justin doesn’t know how it look like so we’ll wait and see what will it looks like once the research poster is ready.
– If we have time, we can try different ways.
– Justin & Rock said they will make and finish the research poster today.
– Munah said Is it possible to finish it in a week?
– Then we have to work together over a full day or two full days during which we will get the research poster done.
– We can’t get together all the time due to lecture, tutorial and other committments.
– Munah said I can arrange a full day whereas some others can pop in at different times – I doesn’t mind at all.
– Justin & Rock can do the layout.
– We will make the design as well.
– Memunah suggests that she and girls (Sandra and Carina) will organise all the information for the poster like presentation and information to add on the poster.
– Memunah warned that we are not allowed to copy and paste from the internet without reference because we will lose marks without without this.
– Justin & Rock will be free after Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to complete the research poster for a primary check.
– We will be meeting on Thursday at 3:30pm to start working.
– We can do it in same room dependent on lectures/sessions tutors set in this room.
– We can meet in the art cafe  first before looking for a room.
– Munah said I got bit confused about 3D Poster, I asked “What do you mean about 3D Paper?”.
– Justin & Rock doing for example –> Sticky paper, the print it again then stick on the paper again to make the 3D effect!
– Munah said Finally I get it now.
– The topic is fast food.
– The design is just an example to show.
– The final will be something completely different, it is just an idea.
– The girls (Munah,Carina and Sandra) agree with the ideas.
– No it’s not that style (about the poster).
– That’s right but we will use a simple one.
– Can you upload that into your blog?
– It communicates.
– If Justin & Rock have time, they will start before 3:30pm on Thursday.
– One more question – Who is going to put the information on the poster?
– The three girls’ job is to put the information on the poster.
–  Munah said I can make sure these words are proper English.
– We can’t add too many words.
– Simple words like bullet points.
– There are 6 parts, Rock has two parts.
– Before Thursday, they will put their reference on the blog.
– Copyright is very important.
– How are you going to present it?
– You mean the original and the powerpoint?
– Rock thinks I can do the powerpoint.
– Munah said I can ask Rowan about this when we see her.
– What if we make a big one which does not require powerpoint?
– It has to be photographed so we need to book the studio to do it professionally.
– The girls can take it to the photography studio to do it.
– The boys will give the list, then the girls will sit down and discuss and put  down ideas.
– The boys will start before 3:30pm and when we meet so we will continue doing what we need to do (discuss about the information to be put on the research poster).
– Can we work tomorrow afternoon instead?
– One of the girls will have a class and other one will go to register with the police in Leeds because they are international students from China.
– Let’s discuss what to put on the blogs. We have to continue updating our blogs.
– We almost understand about everything.
– We should scan in the work and add it into the blog.
– Yes it’s a good idea to make a video when we will be making the poster on thursday.
– The boys should start filming when they start working on thursday.
– it should be fast motion.
– Rock has an idea of taking the photos of the group now.
– All of us should have a paper with ideas like anything you want to say e.g. I love my group etc.

– On thursday or whenever our meeting is next, we can bring cakes!!


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