– We trying to finish our poster off in this morning for booking a print.

– Do references and correct poster for spellings & designs.

– Need to book a place for the poster to be printed before next week for presentation.

– Once it’s done so we can practising how to present while using finished research poster.

– Perhaps poster look better in A0 Size instead of A1/A2/A3.

– References in word document, change to APA format which is the referencing system at university.

– Put all our references in one place then everything in there then put main references on the poster then put a link on poster where people can see the full list of references.

– Do PDF, no one can change this and everyone can open this and see reference check with Rowan what is correct perhaps 6 main references on poster.

– Methodology – Research methods you would use when doing your research into food packaging waste and put these in a box on your poster.

– Finally we completed our final research poster so we booked it to print off to be pick up on next Tuesday!

– Well done to everyone!

– So we can putting words for practising how to present on tuesday at 1:30pm till 6pm in Creative Art Building instead of monday because we have plan on this monday.

– Now time to rest for weekend before crack on with presentation practise and going to sort our work out by putting into blog.


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