First Meeting with Group


Meeting with Group After Digitech Workshop

Memunah’s roughly idea

– Package Brief – some students in my group wanted a magazine which can be included in this. Can make a package with information for people who visit UK from abroad so language barrier with even simple words and layout.

– Inside of box – information cards inside with simple speech with symbols on.

– People from many different countries visit UK, many of whom didn’t know any English words or have a weak English language.

– There are many different brief to look at and discuss.

Rock’s idea

  • Design marketing and communication.
  • Focus the communication.
  • Strength.


  • Content Culture
  • Form
  • Research Poster

My Group Conversion

– Can talk about culture of china and UK like language and difference.

– In China not allowed Facebook as that’s Government’s rule

– Need to research then decide what type of magazine to produce A1 or A2 paper – so big

– Can use research poster example online

Rowan joined our conversion

– Rowan needs to see what topic we’ve picked and done research.

– Needs sustainability.

– Don’t have product first.

– Need research topic.

Research Poster

– Key Design Ideas.

– Research Ideas.

– Explore Problem First.

– Questions on powerpoint on UniLearn (Given last week, look at these).

– Could be poverty in education and big data stakeholders.

  • Specialism?
  • Role?

– Map out what the control research topical.

– Look at research topics and click to look at them and choose one and research it in relation to graphic design for next week.

– Take things slowly at this stage.

– Tutors suggest things and give guidance but it’s how you explore it.

– We need to work together.


  • Generates lots of waste.
  • Research environmental waste and packaging.
  • Re-design packaging to reduce waste.
  • Students are stakeholders so have takeaways.
  • Print out the brief.
  • Map out my research.
  • New Innovative Solution for Packaging.

Rowan’s Conversion

  • Rowan’s modules are to help me do my own work.
  • Write in my journal what I am researching include what I am doing with Brent.
  • Evidence processes I am going through.
  • Include ideas on my subject.
  • Reference.
  • Practise make it easier.
  • Set a group blog and Facebook – share as a resource.
  • Link for book on powerpoints.