Meeting with Group: Change of Plan to REDESIGN



– We think colour needs to be changed on our poster and we wants to link colour, waste etc because our primary poster is too technical at the moment.

– Our poster needs strong images like icons which tell people to don’t waste packaging.

– Information is good but needs good impact.

– 50 words in each, section like bullet points.

– Could do an icon of waste, could stick icon on so it can be removed??

– Memunah said we should to work on each area as a group, always start with visual like initials first so we will need evidence for visuals so we can show how we began and how we developed it.

– Rock is good at drawing by hand.

– Could tell the story of waste, using icons too or could use 3D if possible.

– Need to finish it in a week, preferably.

– Ask Rowan what she will think about our primary poster.

– Need to use our skills to make it better and simpler by my guide.



– Rowan doesn’t know what the circle says.

– She can’t see the topic – what is the problem? For example.

– Identify the problem with fast food packaging.

– No headings help the viewer to understand.

– Rowan likes the colours and the circles.

– Are you solving the problem or just stating it?

– Take things from our poster at the moment and include them in our new poster.

– How are cogs related to fast food?

– Research Methods you would use – Where are these? Theory – not practical.

– Say why you’d use certain research methods?

– Check spellings

– Link poster more to packaging

– Do a map through the poster telling our story.



– I did plans over lunchtime, everyone can have a look and decide which we like best.

– Envelope Idea, Everyone like it.

– Everyone have a go at designing icons then we will choose which is the best (as a group).

– Best to use 3/4 colours.

– Rowan was talking about making points, use our 6 bullet points on original poster?

– Can use hand drawings and make it more perfect on computer e.g. Adobe Illustrator, we use computer and use graphic design style.

– Rowan to check what is written under marketing next week please.

– Also to check the other titles which need to relate to packaged food.

– Problem may be how it affect people/environment e.g. students affect environment by throwing away rubbish onto the ground.

– Cause vermin like rats/mouses disease – health issues.

– Need an order for our points so it is a story.

– Our target audience is students.

– Research Methods – questionnaire, targeted at universities, colleges and schools.

– Don’t put more information on poster – it will be behind the icon in bullet points (maybe?)

– We will be explaining in our presentation

– Each person draw poster by hand tonight then bring it for tomorrow or friday or even saturday! (We decided it’s saturday).

– If we have time perhaps do digital if we prefer.

– Munah said hand drawing is the best to start with rough designs then we will choose which is the best to do digital!

– We will decide which is best to put in the poster, how will it look, layout and colours etc.


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