Sandra’s Presentation Talk – Fast Food And People Health


The main feature of fast food is convenience food ,it is easy to buy and easy to heat up and eat, it saves time and preparation, it is also a cheaper option for the lower working class and poorer people. It helps people save time in their busy work schedule, the level of consumption in reality does not save money. Fast food can usually be bought there and then and taken away to eat immediately.

On the other hand,unhealthy eating problems, lead to chronic health problems, especially in developed countries, including depression, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The cause for part of the problems for chronic disease is the lack of healthy food consumed and lack of nutrition. Many fast foods have an unhealthy abundance of sugar and salt which has been related to heart disease and diabetes, this also causes a massive obesity problem. Busy lifestyles make people take the easy option of buying pre-prepared fast food, that is quick easy and simple but compounds this problem.

Sometimes,people want to get fast food,they have many ways ,such as telephone ordering, direct to the door, the passage of time people are accustomed to this convenience, reducing the go, they are lack of exercise.

Fast food is everywhere. It is available from main commercial blocks to gas service stations. In short, it is available and accessible. This partnered with the biological propensity towards food high in fat and sugar, leads to widespread obesity.

For most people, fast food, low-cost, saving time as their first choice. Fast Company also launched a series of fast food to cater to consumers. This fast-food processing and the way they operate is a challenge, because people have begun to realize the importance of health.


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