People’s Health


1. Unhealthy eating problems, lead to chronic health problems, especially in developed countries, including depression, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The cause for part of the problems for chronic disease is the lack of healthy food consumed and lack of nutrition. Many fast foods have an unhealthy abundance of sugar and salt which has been related to heart disease and diabetes, this also causes a massive obesity problem. Busy lifestyles make people take the easy option of buying pre-prepared fast food, that is quick easy and simple but compounds this problem.


1) Fast food has a very high energy density.

2) British researchers from the Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Center and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have determined that repeated eating at McDonald’s or KFC or Burger King, people are more likely to gain weight and become obese. This is because fast food not only contains many more calories than traditional food, but also is more likely to undermine normal appetite control systems.




Fast food is an easy and quick way to grab a meal on the go. However, eating fast food frequently provides the body with a high amount of calories, saturated and trans-fats and sugar with limited vitamins and minerals. Over time, this can lead to an increased risk for illness and disease.


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