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Six of the world’s top 10 franchises are fast-food businesses, with the top two, Subway and MacDonald’s, having a combined revenue of more than $40bn. Pizza and fried chicken are notable growth areas in a diverse industry. The number of fast-food restaurants in the UK’s top 10 cities grew by 8.2% in 2008, proving that this is a recession-proof industry.


1. Become part of the SUBWAY® brands success story

The SUBWAY® brand is the largest specialist sandwich provider in the UK & Ireland, with more than 1,600 stores. Worldwide, the SUBWAY® brand has more than 39,000 stores in 100 countries.

SUBWAY® franchisees benefit from operating in a tried and tested system with great training and a solid support structure. There are 20 regional development offices in the UK and Ireland which assist and mentor all franchisees with site selection, leasing, design, construction, hands-on training, purchasing, operations, advertising, local store marketing and more. 

In addition, the head office for the SUBWAY® brand in the UK and Ireland is based in Cambridge, with a local team of support staff focused on operations, leasing, R&D, customer service, training and franchisee services



Hungry for success, Rick Schaden had just graduated from the University of Colorado, United States. He had written his business studies project about Quiznos. Overhearing a customer, in 1986, say it was the best sandwich they’d ever eaten inspired him. In 1987, he bought his first franchise. In 1991, with his father Dick Schaden, he purchased the entire operation of 18 restaurants.

Best known for its chef-inspired recipes and toasted Italian-style deli sandwiches, Quiznos Subs is now the hottest franchise around with thousands of outlets worldwide. The Quiznos chain has plans to expand into locations over 40 countries and territories.



You’ll be part of an established brand, with over 50 stores, that has been successful for 30 years. You’ll enjoy the rewards of working for yourself with the full support of the Perfect Pizza team.

As a multiple operator you don’t need to be hands on in the kitchen, as we will train your staff to make great pizza leaving you free to manage the business. This opportunity is ideal for anyone with business experience who wants their own business and wants to participate in the on-going growth of Perfect Pizza in the fast-growing home delivery pizza market.

The Perfect Pizza set up costs are lower than average, compared to many other franchise operations.

To be successful in this business, youve got to know your market and then give them what they want. We have a lot of students around here, so our marketing focuses heavily on them.  

Fast food sales decrease: customers choose even cheaper options

Fast food is a quick and easy option when you’re on the go. For decades, quick stops at McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s have provided easy options for individuals and families with limited time to prepare meals. However, recent studies show that fast food consumption has decreased by nearly 13 percent over the past few years. Why is this? There have been no major changes in the flavor or quality of fast food, and children undoubtedly still beg for Happy Meals. In short, the economy has affected our fast food consumption. Americans are spending less on convenient options because it is simply more affordable to eat at home.

What does this mean for the fast food industry? Fewer sales mean harder times for companies and franchise owners, and they are left scrambling to find a solution. Ad agencies recognize the concerns of franchise restaurants when sales go sour, and traditional techniques like direct marketing promotions can be powerful supplements to trendy—rightfully so—online campaigns. Reaching potential customers through a combination of traditional and newer marketing is a must if fast food chains are going to overcome the challenges of a suffering economy.

Some may see fast food sales decreasing as a good thing. Let’s face it: The majority of fast food options are much higher in calories than the average home-cooked meal. However, recent years have shown an increase in healthier options at many venues. Although providing customers with healthier options will cause some customers to consider fast food options once again, they need to know about the healthy menu changes first. Done well, food merchandising and marketing for fast food restaurants doesn’t attempt to dodge the health movement; it celebrates the trend. Highlighting menu options that support better health can bring in customers and increase sales even during difficult economic times.

Although fast food sales are down 13 percent from sales in 2006, consumer demographics reveal that the decrease does not include all age groups. Teens and young adults are still consuming nearly 15 percent of their daily caloric intake from fast food. Adults 39 and over, however, are more often opting to eat at home. With a food brand identity designedto address particular demographic groups that consume fewer fast food products, sales may once again return to a more profitable state for many fast food vendors.

As fast food sales continue to decrease, companies have more urgent reasons than ever to reach out to experienced food branding agencies that can bring customers back to the drive through. As a group of busy creatives who often grab lunch on the go (always opting for healthy choices, of course), we sure hope our favorite fast food joints advertise wisely before it’s too late to advertise at all.


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