About Some View of “User Centred Methods in art and design”


This lesson is about the study guide of poster and discussion of poster and user-centered methods in art and design.

Teacher introduces the research poster in the lesson. the poster is a visual study of existing data. It intuitive shows data. It Can communicate readers, it transfer vivid research to the readers.Davies (2009)

Teacher describes some methods

User-Centred Methods

• Personas – based on user lifestyles.

• Documentary forms.

• Questionnaires.

• Scenario Building.

• Social enterprise activities.

• Video ethnography.

• On-line community forums.

• Video ethnography

• Observation/shadowing analysis.

• Cultural probes/user diaries.

• Role playing tools.

• Focus Groups.

• Workshops.

• Interviews.

• Divergent thinking around an issue/problem

This lesson we have developed a group work, we choose a direction to study and to make research poster of group work, we think this lesson we learned how to use the poster to express our research, of course, this is just the beginning, we selected a group, we based on our expertise to choose the topic.

Davies, C. (2009). User centered research methods in postgraduate teaching. Retrieved from http://www.designsociety.org/tag/User-centred+research+methods.


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