Six Points


1. Foods waste  – ROCK

Food waste has been a very important issue in recent years. Every year a lots of food waste is created and thrown away. However the cause of food waste is different to every country, this is a global issue. It occurs at the different stages of production, processing, and retailing. As of 2011 1.3 billion tons of food waste were in the environment, which is about one third of global food production.

2. Recycling  – ROCK

Between a quarter and a third of all domestic waste is packaging: Much of this is food packaging which is difficult to recycle, plastic are especially difficult to recycle. Plastic food packaging is contaminated with food which is then hard to re-use. Packaging and transport are the two biggest environmental issues in convenience drinks. The two are tied together as heavier containers take more energy to transport and more fuel to run, causing even more recycling and refilling demand for transport for the empties.


3. Materials – CARINA

Fast food packaging can be divided into three aspects.

1) Packing bags,

2) Beverage packaging,

3) Food packaging.

For these three aspects the common package is the amount of paper per package used, it is a recyclable resource also low in price and easy to transport. However some paper bags have a plastic film so the food does not seep through which defeats the object. Also the problem is if we use the paper packaging we have to fell more trees which is destructive to the environment. The other important issue is that in the product process there is a large amount of exhaust gas and water waste, which is also really bad for the environment and causes problems.

4. Environment  –  JUSTIN

During the prosses of the fast food transport the vehicle exhaust emissions lead to air pollution and some plastic packaging in the production process causes the pollution of water, resulting in a large number of marine organisms deaths.

5. Packaging  –  MUNAH

Food packaging is packaging specifically for food that people buy from supermarkets, grocery shops and food markets. Food packaging provides protection from germs deadly bacteria and insect infestation,

It also provides tampering resistance and covers special physical, chemical or biological needs.

6. What is fast foods  –  SANDRA

The main feature of fast food is convenience food it is easy to buy and easy to heat up and eat, it saves time and preparation, it is also a cheaper option for the lower working class and poorer people. It helps people save time in their busy work schedule, the level of consumption in reality does not save money. Fast food can usually be bought there and then and taken away to eat immediately.


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