The beginning to the ending


1) Selecting our topic: As a group we read the eight topics seriously and selected the most suitable topics for our group, allowing everyone to have different opinions. Next we discussed everyone’s point of view, which then brought us to the decision of our final topic, fast food package waste, our target audience being being the youth of todays society age from 15 up to 25 years of age.

2) Direction: First we researched to a point of general understanding aimed at a variety of packaging. Then we determined that our research direction was fast food packaging design. In the modern society we live in and the fast pace of life, fast food packaging waste creates the most problem.We started from reality to then classifying and comparing the modern fast food industry waste.

3) Division of labor: We divided the topic into six parts, then we researched the different directions for each one of us to take, this was all related to the fast food packaging waste industry. In the poster design we also carried out the division of labor, it started with two group members designing the poster, then another group member joining into the help of that design, the other 3 members of the group started researching and collating all of the data.

4) Research: We were looking for the related information Internet based and also in the library. The group met as many times as possible for group discussions and decision making, we needed all of us to be together in the group for this enabling us to exchange our opinions, knowledge and learning outcomes. Finally we made the conclusion of putting our research into powerful key points, using a display system in our group blog.

5) Summary: In the group work we redesigned the environmental protection for fast food packaging to limit the waste, through many group discussions and meetings each member was assigned a different task to their particular strengths. Although there were several opinions that were diverse, these were discussed and solved within the group ultimately ending in the members acting with united strength. We as members of this group exchanged our views, we decided to use our research poster as campaign to pull people’s attention to see our research poster, discussed the problems and finally finished the revised design bringing a good end to this conclusion.


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